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We deliver innovative and sustainable cost savings solutions while providing guidance on Health Care Reform, Regulatory Compliance and Wellness Strategies.

With over 30 years’ experience in Employee Benefits Administration, we are Creative Benefits.

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Because Your Business Is Unique

We build our service around you. To us, service is not just a vague concept, always promised but rarely delivered. It's tangible, it's the hallmark of our business and we feel that it provides the foundation for a healthy and continuing partnership.


Controlling your benefits’ costs requires customization. Customization comes from innovative ideas. Meeting your objectives is always our objective.


From enrollment, to billing, to claims advocacy to COBRA administration, you’re at the center of a team of account specialists who are committed to meeting your needs & guaranteeing your success.


Compliance with federal & state regulations requires significant resources and time. Our MedLeave team leverages state of the art technology for your Family and Medical Leave Administration to reduce cost, mitigate risk and increase productivity.

Health Care Reform

This year has brought an unprecedented flood of legislative challenges. We deliver up-to-the-minute state and federal compliance information to help you stay afloat.

Customer Service

Our Employee Service Representative team is committed to you and your employees. When employees call Creative Benefits, they get a live person ready and willing to help, every time. We believe in Service Excellence.


An ongoing dialogue is the key to a long term relationship. We stay in constant touch with you and your employees. We help your employees understand the true value of their benefits.